7 May 2011

Brink-May 10th

Brink is an upcoming First person shooter which features class based combat. Personally I loved the game Team fortress 2 and when I watch some of the brink videos it reminds me of Team Fortress 2. But even better brink added WAY more gameplay features such as mines that detonate once stepped off and more. Check out this vid!

Honestly my favorite thing is how you can step on a mine but still get it disarmed. I know I'm buying this game what about you?

6 May 2011

Need a Proxy? Hotspot?

I'm sure everyone was in a situation where they badly needed a proxy to avoid some IP ban. For those who have been proxy hunting everyone knows the hardest thing to do is find the perfect proxy. Well search no more because I have the perfect proxy for you!

4 May 2011

Ace of Spades

Have you every heard of minecraft? Chances are you have, but for those who don't know, Minecraft is an extremely popular block placing, base building game. Now who has heard of Black ops? Chances are you heard of it or at least know it as a FPS. Take these two games and what you get is... Ace of Spades(AOS).

Ace of Spades is a super fun exciting FPS where you have to shoot the enemy team, build defensive structures, destroy enemy structures, while attacking and defending the intel. Sounds pretty exciting huh? Well... IT IS!

3 May 2011

Tutorial Tuesday - Adding/changing read more

Staying on-topic can be very tough at times so I decided to dedicate Tuesday to a day where I can be off-topic. This tutorial Tuesday I'm gonna show all you other bloggers out there (especially those following me) how to add a "Read More>>" option.

2 May 2011

LOL - Have you heard about it?

League of Legends (LOL) is a free game based of the extremely popular DOTA mod. In this blog entry today I'm going to explain what LOL is, how to play it, and show you a video of my gameplay style.

Topic change or expansion?

I've been just thinking about it... Making a blog just about games can be in-fact very boring. So I'm considering expanding my topic to computers in general. I plan to have videos uploaded every so often explaining new games I found but as well talk about computer techniques. Visit the poll to cast your vote!

Also Expect a League of Legends walk through by me to go up in the evening!

1 May 2011

PC Gaming

For my first official blog post I would like to inform you of PC gaming. The reason is for all my games I use a PC and most of the games I will be blogging about will not be available on consoles.

First I would like to get rid of all those preconceived ideas that PC gaming is: Expensive and complicated. These are both untrue and mostly based on facts from the 1900's.