12 May 2011

Almost 100 followers

If you like team fortress 2 and want a free hat read the newest update: http://www.teamfortress.com/replayupdate/

See your youtube video just has to get 1000 views sounds hard? Not at all just use this simple website: http://tf2autoplaylist.appspot.com/

Remember to contribute by watching videos!

11 May 2011

Why follow?

After looking around the different blog tools and stats I found that I was getting a lot of unique page views while less follows. It didn't take long to realize why. Most people prefer to add blogs to morning coffee or bookmark them, this is how a lot of people keep track of blogs. I have a way I think more people will like though. It allows them to view blogs only when people post so you don't waste your time seeing the same thing each day. I want to show you google reader!

10 May 2011

Team Fortress replay

Never knew they added replays in! Some people have some great vids, this is my favorite.

Tomorrow will be a full blog entry.

9 May 2011


Sometimes I get scared when I see the people who are supposed to protect us do some really stupid things.

If I was that guy on the ground I would be really scared

8 May 2011

Ace of spades-video

I though I would take it light to day and just play around with movie maker and try to film for future reviews. Since my hardrive is too slow to record LOL I decided to record Ace of spades. I added halo dialogue to make it more interesting too. Enjoy

Sounds from: http://halo.bungie.org/misc/h2dialogue.html and http://www.findsounds.com/