6 May 2011

Need a Proxy? Hotspot?

I'm sure everyone was in a situation where they badly needed a proxy to avoid some IP ban. For those who have been proxy hunting everyone knows the hardest thing to do is find the perfect proxy. Well search no more because I have the perfect proxy for you!
What is a Proxy?

For those who have not heard yet a proxy is basically a web server (website) in which you search the web through. So think of a proxy server being an internet browser on a friends computer. You would search the internet with a completely different IP address.  

An IP address is like your computers internet address. Its commonly used to get your general location and to see how often someone from that network visits a particular site.

What is Hotspot shield?

Hotspot shield is just another proxy that you download onto your computer. So now you are on your friends computer to surf the web. No need to lose all your saved data/websites to search under a proxy. Since this is program based all your outgoing connections will be covered under the proxy. This is a reason why Hotspot shield gets the lead on other proxies.

How do I install it?

The installation is simple and fast too. Just follow these simple instructions:

  1. First head to the main website
  2. Get the latest download copy from a mirror.
  3. Now open the install .exe which should look like so: 
     4.  Click the .exe and now you should be prompted on a security warning. The file is safe so "Run" it
     5.  Next it will download the complete proxy. Download it anywhere as this is not the actual program.
     6.  Now the program should be downloading. After that all you have to do is keep pressing next
How do I use it?

Now that it installed it should be easy to get started. Another thing I love about this proxy is about how easy and effective it is to use. 
For options it should be in your hidden icons here: 
Just right-click it to connect. When you click connect it should open your browser and bring you to this page:
This gives basic info on connection status and allows you to connect/disconnect from the proxy server. Another way to judge status is to check the icons in the "Hidden Icons" for windows. 

= Connected

 = Connecting

 = Dis-connected

Wait! How do I know my IP changed?

Head over to http://www.whatismyip.com/ to find out how your IP address changed. Also if you want a new hotspot IP just dis-connect then re-connect.


  1. Great walkthrough. I've actually got banned from an image board, so this will work out :] Thank you!

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